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Accelerated and simplified recruitment

Time constraints, mass applications,
high employee turnover rate...

Recruit of the competent employees is a challenge of size for hoteliers, restaurateurs and event professionals. Furthermore, it is often difficult to find qualified and reliable candidates in L'emergency.

An Extra is a game changer simplifying the recruitment process from beginning to end. Our platform uses an intelligent algorithm for you connect with qualified employees nearby, in just a few clicks.

  1. Geolocation: Find employees in your area to avoid transportation and accessibility issues.
  2. Quick match: Our algorithm analyzes your needs based on your filters and profile information and presents you with candidates matching your criteria in real time.
  3. Diversity of profiles: Whether you are looking for waiters, cooks, security guards or DJs, we have a complete range of profiles, constantly renewed.
  4. Dedicated chat: View CVs and communicate instantly with candidates via our integrated chat, for an accelerated selection process.

New version

Discover a new way to recruit

In the catering and events industry, every minute counts.

You don't have time to waste going through hundreds of CVs or conducting endless interviews.

This is where Un Extra comes in.

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A smart app

Thanks to our advanced matching algorithm, say goodbye to the hassle of recruiting. In just a few clicks, our system analyzes your needs and presents you with a shortlist of candidates who match your specific criteria, whether in terms of skills, availability or location.

Safety and reliability

All candidates present on Un Extra are verified and evaluated. So you can focus on what really matters: choosing the best talent for your team.

A complete range of profiles

Waiters, bartenders, cooks, security guards, entertainers... Whatever the position to be filled, we have the profile you need. Our vast database is constantly updated to offer you a varied and qualified choice.

Instant communication

Don't wait any longer for days or for your temp agency to reopen to get an answer. With our dedicated chat, get in direct contact with candidates. Chat, schedule interviews, and hire, all in real time.

A guarantee of efficiency

Not only save time, but also efficiency. With Un Extra, you maximize your chances of finding the ideal candidate, one who will fit perfectly into your team and contribute to the success of your company.

Take action

With Un Extra, recruitment has never been so simple and effective.

Take action now and find your ideal candidate with Un Extra →

Find it ideal candidate quickly and efficiently

Let us take care of your recruitment

A personal assistant gives you recruitment advice and supports you in:

there creating your profile to be complete and attractive

there creating and putting your ads online

there search and pre-selection of candidates 

The 1st professional dating app serving the hotel and catering industry

Designed by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs, Un Extra meets the specific needs of the sector. 

We know how difficult it can be to find the right staff in the catering industry. Unpredictable schedules, the need for specific skills and the pressure of busy days make recruitment in this sector particularly complex. That’s why Un Extra was designed with you in mind.

Experts in the profession

Developed by industry experts, our platform takes into account the nuances and specificities of catering, hospitality and events. We understand the challenges you face and have developed tailored solutions.

Custom tools

From creating ads to managing applications, each feature has been designed to make your daily life easier. Configure selection criteria, manage multiple locations from a single dashboard, or use our integrated scheduling system to anticipate your staffing needs.

Wide Area Network

Our community brings together a large number of experienced and passionate professionals, ready to join your team. Whether you are looking for a waiter for an evening or a long-term manager, you will find what you are looking for on Un Extra.

Ongoing support

Beyond the platform, our support team is on hand to help you through all stages of recruitment. Take advantage of our expertise to optimize your ads, resolve technical problems or even obtain human resources advice.

A sustainable ecosystem

We are convinced that good recruitment is the key to success and sustainability in the sector. With Un Extra, contribute to an ecosystem where employers and employees can flourish professionally.

Opt for Un Extra, the reliable and efficient recruitment solution, created by restaurateurs for restaurateurs.

A mobile phone displaying an image representing a woman and a man, suitable for a recruiter in the catering sector or Un Extra.

3 prices, for all sizes and all needs


49,99 €

i.e. €59.99 including tax



79,99 €

i.e. €95.99 including tax



174.99 €

i.e. €209.99 including tax



Registering on Un Extra is simple and free. Go to our application to download on Android and the Appstore, then let yourself be guided through the registration process.
After registering as an employer, you can go to the “Post a job” section on our app to create and post your job.
Payment is made outside the platform, according to the terms agreed between you and the employee.

An Extra allows you to offer different types of contracts, whether one-off missions, fixed-term contracts or permanent contracts.

Can not find what you are looking for ?

Our team answers you

PRO Support

Profile verification

Each candidate goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure the validity of their skills and experience.

Dedicated support

Our customer support team is available to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may encounter.

Centralization and control

You have the ability to manage all aspects of recruiting from your dashboard, including interview scheduling, applicant tracking, and contract management.


The platform makes it possible to respond to both last minute needs and planned recruitments, with options for short or long term missions.

Swipe, match, hire.

Download An Extra.

With thousands of successful connections, Un Extra is the best application for finding an employee or employer in catering and events.

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