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Changing server profession: how to adapt your job offer to new expectations?

THE waiter job, pillar of the restaurant and hotel industry, is experiencing a significant mutation. With technologies, customer expectations and industry practices evolving, it is essential for employers to understand these changes and reflect them in their job postings. This article aims to explore the various ways in which the profession of waiter evolved And how job ads should adapt to stay relevant And attractive for modern candidates.

The evolution of the server profession

The role of the server in the restaurant and hospitality industry has evolved significantly in recent years. Once focused primarily on service and presentation, it now incorporates technological skills and a deep understanding of modern customer expectations.

Waiter's job: waiter during a shift

Impact of technologies

The advent of digital ordering systems and mobile applications has changed the way servers interact with customers. Mastery of these tools has become an essential skill. Social media and online platforms have also influenced the profession, with an increased emphasis on online reviews and reputation management.

Changing customer expectations

Today's customers are looking for a personalized and quality experience. This requires servers to have the ability to understand and anticipate the individual needs of customers.

The trend toward healthier and more ethical dining options has also increased the need for servers to have in-depth knowledge of products and ingredients.

Changes in the work environment

The pace of work has accelerated, and the ability to work effectively under pressure has become crucial.

Servers must now demonstrate greater flexibility and adaptability in the face of a constantly changing work environment.

New skills and qualifications required in the waiter profession

With the evolution of the server profession, new skills and qualifications have become essential to meet the current requirements of the CHR sector.

  • Technological skills :

    • Mastery of digital systems : Servers must be comfortable with a variety of technologies, such as digital ordering systems and payment applications.
    • Use of social media : The ability to manage and respond to online reviews has become a valuable skill in maintaining the reputation of the establishment.
  • Advanced interpersonal skills :

    • Empathy and communication : Understanding and adapting to the unique needs of each guest is crucial to delivering a personalized experience.
    • Managing expectations : Knowing how to manage customer expectations and respond effectively to their requests is essential to guarantee their satisfaction.
  • Knowledge of health and food safety

    • Health standards : Servers must be up to date with the latest food safety standards and health regulations.
  • Adaptability and versatility :

    • Flexibility : The ability to adapt to various work environments and different types of clients is a major asset.
    • Versatility : Servers must be able to juggle different tasks, while maintaining a high level of service.

These skills and qualifications are now essential in job offers for servers. They reflect changes in the industry and ensure candidates have the tools needed to excel in their role.


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How can you adapt your job offer to changes in the profession to attract the right profiles?

To attract the best talent in a constantly evolving sector like catering, it is crucial to adapt your job offers to the new realities of the waiter profession. Here are some strategies to achieve this:

Highlighting key skills

Emphasize the importance of technological skills and interpersonal skills in your ad. Make it clear that you are looking for candidates who are comfortable with digital tools and can provide exceptional customer service.

Emphasize the need for in-depth knowledge of health and food safety standards.

Realistic job description

Provide a detailed and realistic description of the position's responsibilities, including digital order management, customer interaction, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Mention versatility as an asset, emphasizing the variety of tasks and the need for great adaptability.

Enhancement of corporate culture

Present your company values and work culture. Highlight the collaborative work environment and the importance given to customer satisfaction.

Training and development offers

Highlight the continuing education opportunities you offer to help servers develop their skills and adapt to changes in the profession.

Highlight how these training courses can contribute to their professional development.

Benefits and Career Opportunities

Describe additional benefits you offer, such as rewards programs, benefits, or career advancement opportunities.

By tailoring your job postings to reflect these aspects, you will not only attract qualified candidates but also those best suited to the challenges and opportunities of the modern server profession.


Attracting the best talent in a changing world

In an ever-changing restaurant industry, attracting top talent requires a dynamic and adaptive approach. Here is how you can position yourself to attract the most qualified servers adapted to the modern requirements of the profession.

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  • Promote a strong employer brand :
    • Develop and promote a employer brand attractive design that highlights your company values, culture and commitment to employee well-being.
    • Use social media and your website to share success stories, employee testimonials and insights into life at your establishment.
  • Innovative job offers :
    • Write job offers that stand out from the ordinary by integrating interactive elements, videos or attractive visuals.
    • Highlight the unique aspects of working at your facility, such as unique training opportunities, team events, or sustainability initiatives.
  • Targeted recruitment strategies :
    • Identify and target the most effective recruitment channels to reach quality servers, whether specialized online platforms, social networks or networking events.
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  • Valorization of career opportunities :
    • Highlight career prospects and advancement opportunities within your company. Show how a server can scale and grow professionally.
  • Adapting to new candidate expectations :
    • Understand and meet the evolving expectations of modern candidates, such as work-life balance, benefits, and a positive, inclusive work environment.

By adopting these strategies, you can attract talented servers who are not only qualified, but also aligned with your establishment's culture and values, contributing to superior customer service and improved staff retention.

Future outlook for servers

The future of the server profession in the restaurant industry is bright, with many opportunities for growth and advancement. Understanding these perspectives can help employers better position their job postings and meet candidate aspirations.

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  • Evolution of roles :
    • Today's servers can expect more diverse roles, incorporating skills in technology, customer relationship management and marketing.
    • The ability to adapt to versatile roles will be a major asset for service professionals.
  • Career Opportunities :
    • The sector offers opportunities for advancement, from supervisory roles to management positions in the restaurant industry.
    • Motivated servers can move into careers in restaurant management or even entrepreneurship in the hotel and restaurant industry.
  • Impact of technological innovations :
    • The growing adoption of technology in the restaurant industry is opening new avenues for servers, including managing digital ordering systems and participating in digital marketing strategies.
  • Skill developpement :
    • The importance of continuing education will be crucial. Servers will need to stay up to date with the latest serving trends and techniques to stay competitive.
    • Employers should consider offering regular training to help their employees develop professionally.
  • Valorization of the profession :
    • The job of waiter will continue to be valued and recognized for its crucial importance in the customer experience in restaurants.
    • A respectful and rewarding work environment will help attract and retain the best talent.

By anticipating these future prospects, employers can create job postings that not only attract current candidates, but also align with future industry trends, ensuring the sustainability and success of their business in the field. of catering.

The restaurant and hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and with it, the role of the server is transformed. Employers must recognize these changes and adapt their job postings to meet the new expectations and needs of modern servers. By emphasizing technological and interpersonal skills, and providing professional development opportunities, establishments can attract quality talent motivated to grow with the company.

It is essential to understand that being a server is much more than just a job; it is a dynamic career with many development opportunities. By recognizing and valuing the profession, employers can not only improve their recruitment process, but also contribute to the development and retention of their staff.

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Today's server is a versatile professional, technologically savvy and dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. Employers who adapt to these new realities are those who will succeed in building strong and committed teams, ready to meet the challenges of the catering and hospitality sector of tomorrow.

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In summary, the server profession is evolving rapidly, influenced by new technologies, changing customer expectations and emerging trends in the restaurant industry. For employers, adapting to these changes isn't just about remaining competitive; it is also a way to attract and retain the best talent. By aligning your job postings with new server expectations, emphasizing flexibility, continuing education, and growth opportunities, you can attract candidates who are not only qualified, but also engaged and passionate about their profession.

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