Catering recruitment trends: illuminated restaurant

Catering recruitment: trends for 2024

Hotelier(s) and restaurateur(s) looking for the employees of tomorrow, Un Extra provides you with the latest trends and its best catering recruitment advice to find the rare pearls of the market.

Catering trends: dish presentation

Catering recruitment: a sector in constant change, influenced by cultural, economic and technological developments

In this article, we will explore current recruitment trends in different restaurant segments, with a focus on particular cases.

This year, restaurateurs face increased competition to attract rising stars in gastronomy and hidden talents in the dining room.

The key to success ? A recruitment strategy who marries tradition And technology, finesse And audacity, for an experience that appeals to the most demanding palates of the job market.

Current trends are directing us towards practices of recruitment who value individuality and the diversity, while embracing digital tools and innovative approaches. It is no longer just a question of finding a candidate with the required experience, but of unearthing the rare gem who will be able to evolve and flourish within the team, while contributing to the growth and reputation of the company. 'establishment.

This is why we are developing our application. We ourselves come from the hotel and catering industry and recruitment is an everyday challenge.

We invite you to discover the recruitment strategies that will make kitchens buzz and dining rooms vibrate this year. Prepare to hire professionals who not only follow recipes to the letter, but are ready to bring their creative touch to concoct unforgettable experiences.


The criteria valued by employees in catering recruitment

Restaurant employees, when looking for work, often seek a balance between several key factors. Here are the criteria they generally value and advice on how to better convince them:

  1. Job security and stability
    Employees are looking for positions that offer some security and stability, especially in a sector where seasonal or temporary jobs are common.

  2. Favorable working conditions
    This includes flexible hours, a healthy and safe work environment, and work-life balance.

  3. Compensation and benefits
    A competitive salary is crucial, as are additional benefits such as tips, free meals or health insurance.

  4. Growth and training opportunities
    Employees value professional development opportunities, such as training, advancement opportunities, and chances to learn new skills.

  5. Corporate culture and working atmosphere
    A positive working atmosphere, a strong team spirit and a corporate culture valuing respect and collaboration are important aspects.

  6. Recognition and valorization
    Employees want to feel valued and recognized for their work and contributions.


The hotel and catering industry: a dynamic sector with multiple requirements

The sector of the hotel and catering industry is particularly dynamic. Hotels are looking for professionals who can offer a quality gastronomic experience to their guests, and the needs vary according to the seasons and tourism. These establishments tend to favor candidates with solid training in hospitality and catering, as well as significant experience in the field. Recruitment in this sector focuses on varied positions, ranging from chefs to waiters to restaurant managers. Emphasis is placed on versatility, excellent customer service and the ability to work in an international environment.

The recent Covid-19 crisis has changed the situation in the sector: employees, often in demand before, have become rarer and more demanding since the pandemic. Restaurateurs must therefore face a changing sector and adapt to new demands in terms of recruitment.

Each type of establishment has its own flagship profile 

Trends vary depending on the type of restaurant. Fine dining establishments often look for chefs with experience in haute cuisine and servers with extensive knowledge of wines and fine table service. More casual restaurants and fast food chains, on the other hand, emphasize speed, efficiency and the ability to work under pressure. In these environments, time management and teamwork skills are crucial.

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collective catering recruitment canteen


Recruitment in collective catering: a unique segment

The companies of collective catering provide meal services in establishments such as schools, hospitals and businesses. Here, recruiters are looking for candidates who understand the principles of nutrition, food safety and who are able to prepare meals in large quantities. Previous experience in collective catering is often an advantage, as is knowledge of dietary standards specific to different groups (such as children or hospital patients).

For recruiters in this sector, it is essential to focus on specific skills that go beyond traditional culinary abilities. Ideal candidates for mass catering should possess a unique blend of skills in food production management, balanced menu planning and cost management. They must also be aware of regulatory and environmental requirements, and able to work effectively within multidisciplinary teams.

To optimize your recruitment in collective catering:

  1. Make sure candidates have a solid understanding of food safety and hygiene standards, as well as regulations specific to your type of establishment. If this is not the case, plan appropriate training!

  2. Candidates with skills in inventory management, menu planning and staff management are particularly valuable.

  3. Look for candidates who can adapt to different situations, such as changes in the number of meals to be served or last-minute menu changes.

  4. Ask targeted questions to assess the candidate's understanding of specific foodservice issues, such as managing food allergies or creating nutritious menus for specific populations.

By incorporating these considerations into your recruiting process, you will be better equipped to find candidates who not only meet the operational needs of institutional catering, but who also contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of meal services.



Collective school catering recruitment: the right profiles to support children in the canteen


Recruitment in school catering : specific hires

About the recruitment in school catering, the emphasis is on the ability to create balanced and attractive menus for children. Professionals in this field must not only have in-depth knowledge of child nutrition, but also be able to work within the often limited budgets of educational establishments. In this context, creativity, patience and a strong sensitivity to children's needs and preferences are essential.

For recruiters in the field of school catering, it is crucial to select candidates who understand the importance of healthy and engaging eating for young minds. Here are some key points to consider when recruiting:

  1. Favor candidates with specific training in child nutrition or proven experience in this field. They must understand the unique nutritional needs of children and know how to creatively incorporate them into menus.

  2. Applicants must be able to offer dishes that not only meet nutritional standards, but are also appealing to children. This often involves rethinking traditional recipes to make them healthier and visually appealing.

  3. Ensure candidates can effectively manage a catering budget, maximizing resources while maintaining high meal quality.

  4. With the increase in allergies and dietary restrictions in children, it is essential that candidates can tailor menus to meet these specific needs.

  5. The best candidates for school catering are those who understand and appreciate the role that food plays in children's education and well-being!

These tips should allow you to select professionals who not only meet the technical requirements of school catering, but who also contribute significantly to the educational environment of the establishment. By choosing the right professionals, you ensure that school catering is not only a food experience, but also an extension of the children's learning environment.

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The culture of your company: the key to successful recruitment in catering

In a sector in which customer experience is king, his time within the brand cannot be neglected. Nowadays, catering candidates are not just looking for a job; they are looking for adventure, community, and above all, an employer that resonates with their personal values.

Catering recruitment: team behind the bar


Transparency above all

There transparency becomes a pillar of the employer brand. Candidates expect clear communication regarding working conditions, opportunities for advancement, and company culture. A very detailed announcement on the Un Extra application or on your website, illustrated withemployee reviews and of precise job descriptions, is essential today.

Promote corporate culture

Company culture is the beating heart of your business. Organize team events, share your teams' successes on social media. These initiatives strengthen the sense of belonging and attract candidates who share your values.

Highlight the benefits

Benefits such as free meals, flexible hours, and workplace well-being programs are major assets. Highlight them in your recruitment ads to attract the best talent.


Two iPhones with a photo of a restaurant on them, capturing the restorative vibe.


Technologies for catering recruitment

Digital tools are at the forefront of restaurant recruitment methods. Technology allows us to rethink traditional processes and deliver unprecedented candidate experiences. This is why the Un Extra application is here to offer you a new experience of rapid recruitment & secure.

Digitalization of processes

Online recruitment platforms, job finding applications and social networks are now essential to attract candidates.

In addition to simplifying the distribution of job offers, they allow efficient initial sorting using advanced algorithms.

The video interview, an asset before a face-to-face meeting

Video interviews have become widespread, offering flexibility and efficiency. This makes it possible to meet geographically distant candidates, thus broadening the pool of potential talent. This is also a functionality that is planned in our development roadmap.


Flexibility and adaptability: the new watchwords for better recruitment in catering

Catering recruitment: rush hour in town

With millennials and millennials entering the workforce, expectations for flexibility have never been higher. In catering, this translates into adjustable schedules and a more human approach to team management.

Adjustable hours: an asset for employees

Offering flexible schedules can be a challenge in the restaurant business, but it's an undeniable asset when attracting professionals looking for a work-life balance. Rotating schedules and part-time options can appeal to a workforce eager to combine a passion for catering and personal commitments.

Staff retention strategies: retaining talent

Attracting talent is one thing, but retaining them is another. Investing in employee well-being, providing professional development opportunities and recognizing performance are essential to maintaining a stable and motivated team.

Continuing education: a long-term investment

Offering continuing training and development opportunities within the company can transform a temporary job into a career. It’s an investment that benefits both the employee and the employer, building skills and increasing job satisfaction.

Recognition and rewards: valuing contributions

A performance recognition system can greatly contribute to employee satisfaction. Whether it's financial rewards, promotions or simple thanks, recognizing employees' efforts is essential to retaining them.


Recruitment in catering: colleagues in discussion


Recruitment in catering: better convince candidates 

Like all sectors, catering is evolving in harmony with today's markets. Faced with this constant dynamic, the crucial question is: how to adapt to changes while remaining competitive in catering recruitment? By understanding current trends in the job market and implementing appropriate strategies, you have the opportunity not only to attract exceptional talent, but also to retain them.

To better convince candidates that your establishment is the right one, it is essential to adopt a recruitment strategy that highlights your company’s strengths. Emphasizing job security and career prospects within your establishment can be assets. If so, highlight stability and development opportunities to show candidates that they can build a lasting career with you.

Providing attractive working conditions is also crucial. Offer flexible hours or additional perks that set your company apart from others. These aspects are often decisive for candidates seeking a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Promoting training and professional development plays an important role. Be sure to highlight the training and advancement opportunities available within your company. This demonstrates a commitment to the skills development and professional growth of your employees.

Promoting a positive company culture is also essential. Highlight the pleasant working atmosphere, team spirit and values of your company to attract candidates who share the same ideals.

Transparency regarding compensation and benefits is another key point. Be clear and direct about the compensation structure and benefits offered to avoid ambiguity and build trust from the start.

Finally, it is important to recognize and value employees. Show how your company recognizes efforts and rewards success. This may result in recognition programs, bonuses, or internal promotion opportunities.

By addressing these key points in your process catering recruitment, you will be able toattract and retain quality employees. They are not only looking for a job, but also a place where they can develop and prosper professionally.

To discover and hire the best talents in catering, download Un Extra now, your ideal partner for recruitment in the hotel and catering industry. Available on Google Play Store And Apple Store.

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