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Working in catering: the best jobs

The catering sector, rich in flavors and experiences, offers a varied palette of exciting careers. Working in the restaurant industry means everything from creativity in the kitchen to the art of running an establishment. Each role offers an opportunity to flourish and leave your mark in this world and thus make a great career. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first experience, or a seasoned professional looking to advance, the restaurant industry has a lot to offer.

In this article, we explore the most exciting careers in the restaurant industry, and we offer you strategies and tips for finding the role that resonates with your aspirations and passion. Even if working in catering is not always an easy mission.

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Overview of careers in catering

THE catering sector is vast and diverse, offering a multitude of careers for all tastes and talents. Here is an overview of the different positions available, each with its specificities and opportunities:

Chef: At the heart of culinary creation, the chef is responsible for developing menus, managing the kitchen team and guaranteeing the quality of the dishes.
This role requires not only exceptional culinary skills, but also a good dose of creativity and leadership.

Sommelier: An expert in wines and other drinks, the sommelier advises customers, selects wines and manages the wine cellar.
This position is ideal for those who have a passion for wine and food pairing.

Restaurant manager : the restaurant manager takes care of the day-to-day management of the establishment, including staff supervision, financial management and customer service.
Working in restaurants and more specifically in this role requires excellent communication, management and customer service skills.

Waiter waitress : on the front line of customer service, servers are responsible for welcoming customers, taking orders and serving dishes.
This role requires strong attention to detail, good interpersonal skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Bartender / bartender : a beverage specialist, the bartender prepares and serves cocktails, manages the stock of drinks and interacts with customers.
Creativity, beverage knowledge and excellent communication skills are essential for this position.

Each position in the restaurant industry offers its own challenges And satisfaction. Whether you're drawn to the creativity of cooking, interacting with customers, or running an establishment, there is a role to suit your skills and passions. Below you can get a brief idea of what working in catering in France pays depending on the position:

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Working in catering is above all about choosing the right role for you

Finding your way in the restaurant industry requires careful consideration of your skills, passions and professional goals. Here's how to guide your choice towards the role that suits you best:

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Assessing your skills and passions

Self evaluation : Identify your strengths, whether in the kitchen, in customer service or in management.

Alignment with role : Choose a position that matches your skills and what you like to do. For example, if you are an excellent communicator, a customer service role might be ideal. But don't forget that working in catering can mean a lot of things, you just need to know your strengths and weaknesses to find " HER » job of heart. Knowing what you want is essential, but it is also important to try and seize opportunities in order to know what you like and what you don't like. This is why we also advise you to read our article on 10 tips for finding a job in catering.

Explore training opportunities

Necessary training : Research the qualifications required for different roles. Some positions, such as chef, may require specific culinary training.

Alignment with your career goals

Professional trajectory : When working in the restaurant industry, consider how your chosen role fits into your long-term career plan.

Growth Opportunities : Consider positions offering opportunities for growth and advancement.

Working in catering also means choosing the right role, an approach that combines passion, skills and professional objectives. By taking the time to evaluate and inform yourself, you increase your chances of finding a position that will allow you to flourish and succeed in this dynamic sector.

Innovate in catering

Innovation is a key driver in the restaurant industry, paving the way for exciting new career opportunities. Here's how emerging roles align with current market trends:

Sustainable catering specialists

Ecological commitment : These professionals focus on sustainable restaurant practices, from ingredient sourcing to waste management. Between the rushes and the pressure at work, there is no need to say that working in catering is sporty, but what could be better than keeping your health while working and saving the planet by committing ecologically through your work?

Social impact : They are working to integrate social responsibility in restaurant operations.

Catering: green food

Working in catering also means becoming an expert in customer experience

Creating memorable experiences : These professionals design unique experiences for customers, combining gastronomy and entertainment.

Innovation in service : Their role is to constantly improve customer service to stand out in a competitive market.

Catering concept developers

Creativity and marketing : These trendsetters develop new restaurant concepts, merging cuisine, design and innovation.

Anticipation of trends : They must anticipate consumer desires and emerging market trends.

Working in a restaurant also means knowing food technologies

Culinary avant-garde : They experiment with new culinary techniques and technologies to create innovative dishes.

Science and gastronomy : This role combines scientific expertise and culinary know-how to push the boundaries of gastronomy.

Innovation in restaurants is not limited to the kitchen; it also encompasses how we think about service, customer experience and sustainability. These roles offer the chance to shape the future of the restaurant industry.


The catering sector offers a multitude of exciting careers, each with its own challenges And rewards. Whether you are attracted by the creativity of cuisine, the dynamism of customer service, or innovation in the management of an establishment, there are one or even several roles in catering that can meet your professional aspirations.

By understanding the job market, choosing the role that best suits your SKILLS And passions, and by carefully preparing your application, you will considerably increase your chances of success. To work in catering, key is to stay informed, engaged And keen by your career. The restaurant world is constantly evolving, providing opportunities for those who are ready to learn, has innovate and to stand out.

We hope this article has given you some helpful insights and strategies for navigating restaurant careers and finding the role that will allow you to thrive professionally. Remember, working in a restaurant is rewarding on many levels and that every step of your journey is an opportunity to learn and of to grow.

For more tips and information about the restaurant industry, feel free to explore other resources at An Extra. Good luck in your search for a career in catering, and may your passion guide you towards a fulfilling professional future!

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